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Company info

Hantor-Measurement delivers innovative measuring solutions for industrial applications in the process, pulp and paper, mining, metal and chemical industries. Our products are also used in water and wastewater plants.

We offer non contact measuring solutions to measure flow, level, consistency, density, dry matter and Brix by using both microwave and ultrasonic technologies as appropriate for the application. In addition Hantor-Measurement offers special solutions for the same measuring parameters using sensors in contact with the media, such as; process refractometres, magnetic flow meters and RF capacitance technologies.

Contact us

Mr. Thomas Söderberg
Managing Director
Direct phone: +358 9 5024 4044
Mobile phone: +358 40 720 8630

Mr. Tuomas Arkko
Mobile phone: +358 50 4211 112

Mr. Eero-Pekka Kuukkanen
Mobile phone: +358 44 5168 027

Mrs. Päivi Toroi
Sales support
Mobile phone: +358 400 504 158

E-mails: forename.surname@swoy.fi


Hantor-Measurement represents the following companies/products for the Finnish market

ACO Automation Components Aquasant Messtechnik AG Bamo Mesures SAS Flexim GmbH Hawk Measurement Systems Pty Ldt Mollet Füllstandtechnik GmbH Partech Ltd pro|M|tec Theisen GmbH PTL Physikalisch-Technisches Labor Hermann GmbH Schmidt Technology GmbH SONOTEC Ultraschallsensorik Halle GmbH

We are always looking for new and innovative measurement products for our lineup. Feel free to contact us.